Commentary on Poetry
     What is all this talk about how poets should never expect to make a living writing poetry?
Who said that? . . . and what great achievement have they accomplished that allows them to set up limitations for the rest of us?

      Poets . . . how does it feel?  To search for days . . . through hundreds of pages advertising publishers and agents, and to repeatedly read what's usually written at the bottom:  No Poetry.  Ever been told that poetry just doesn't sell?  That it has no commercial viability?  Or there is simply no market for it?    Well, they may be able to sell that stuff to the tourists . . . buy I ain't buyin' it.  
      Now,  I will be the first to admit that not all poetry is as pleasing to the ear as the prose of Paradise Lost.   But does this make it any less valuable?   And for any one wondering just what 'commercial viability' really means, don't  even bother looking it up.  Because what ever Webster says, commercial viability means . . . "will it sell enough to make us a profit?"  

      There has been no market for poetry, because the major publishing houses are unwilling to take a chance on anything that doesn't guarantee them at least a one hundred fifty-thousand copy sales volume.   And their motive is money.

      InnerCircle Publishing was created to change all of that.

      Ninety percent of the self-realized, introspective, intuitive, sensitive, aware people that I have met, all have one single commonality.  They write poetry.  They express their thoughts and visions through this medium for all the world to read.  And the traditional world of publishing would have us to believe this has no value?   Well, I sure hope they kept the receipt for that paradigm . . . 'cause I think its time to take it back.

      Millions of people attune to what the muse has to say . . . everyday.  Millions of people sitting in their own personal silence, listening to the highest parts of themselves . . . opening themselves up to God,  then writing down the response.  But no one wants to publish this?           Why?   
      People read poetry for the same reason that people do drugs . . . because it makes them feel better.  Poetry is emotional medicine for the soul, hidden in a dose of words . . . and it heals the wounds that life seems to incur upon those who feel the most.  This alone is valuable.
      The King James Version of the Bible is written in poetry.  The Dead Seal Scrolls, the prophecies of Nostradomus,  and most sacred texts (from all religions) are written in prose.  To me, it would seem as if poetry is the language that Spirit has chosen to speak with us.  To speak through us.  

      Ancient languages, such as Hebrew and Aramaic, are inter dimensional by nature.  The letters, or symbols, alone have meaning and when they are arranged to form sentences . . . their meaning expands on every level.  The picture they paint is presented in a way where the observer must actively participate in the process to gather the message.  The process through which this is accomplished is called intuition.  Through intuition, Spirit is able to speak to each soul on its own unique level of development; so that understanding takes place.  This is the reason why every person interprets the Bible differently.           

       Poetry is written the same way.  It is the language of metaphor.  It conveys understanding to the reader in a way that allows for the process of  intuition to take place.   It displays the infinite array of possibility, and leaves the reader to decide their own meaning.  Perhaps poetry opens the heart and mind in a way where inspiration can align the set of circumstances required for revelation to occur?  For visions to emerge?  And though I know not all poets are prophets, I find it interesting that all of the prophets were poets.

C. Lilly