Mass Mediums . . . Mass Manipulations
     72,000 images a week per TV, another 36,000 via computer screens,
billboards parade every peripheral in view . . . and then, of course, we have the news.

     64 billion spent in a years passing . . . 2.1 million for one single spot lasting 30 seconds,
half the population of the United States employed in a single effort . . . advertising. Why?

     Because . . . thoughts are things. And what you think is of such great importance,
that persuasion has become our national past-time.

     We are persuaded incessantly, through the use of crafty marketing techniques, all designed
to do one thing . . . to get you to decide to give someone money. Step outside, you will notice
that everything you see, exists to make someone money. All the stores, the neon lights,
the paved roads, the malls, the liquor store on every corner, all of these were not built
because someone had the overwhelming desire to satisfy your every need, instantly.
These things exist to make someone money. You see, there used to be other things around,
but they were torn down to make space for something that made more money.

     And what is the result? What is the state of the world today? What are the effects
of this 'ME!' society? Since these are self-evident . . . we'll move on to the next item up for bid.

     Obviously these methods of advertising are effective . . . obviously they produce the desired
result (which is persuading you to give money in exchange for a good or a service.)
But what about this . . .

     What if all the junk mail you receive, all the advertising, all the emotional anchors embedded
into your psyche with slogans and celebrities and theme songs . . . what if these messages were
selling a different product? What if they were marketing awareness? Promoting understanding?

     Since every message is selling something, including this one, what if we sold awareness the way
we sell long distance phone service? What if all the advertising was designed to get people
to think, to be awake, rather than get you to eat, work, sleep, and repeat?
Then what would the world be?

     What would be the effect of subjecting millions of men, women, and children to understanding,
rather than 72,000 images of violence, commercials, and sit-com parodies of stupidity?

     I don't know. But I would like to live in world where some one calls my home to sell me on the concept
of self-realization, rather than insurance with a low, low premium.  Or a world where every one
receives the gift of understanding absolutely FREE! FREE! FREE!
. . . with every purchase of love they make.

                                                                      What do you think? . . .
C. Lilly