Me, Myself, and I'm In the Middle

My inner world's in conflict.
At war within myself.
And I'm a lonely convict,
My sanity on a shelf.
Three worlds inside me fighting,
Trying to take control.
My consciousness it's slighting,
And tearing apart my soul.

Me, myself, and I'm in the middle.
I sit between two extremes.
Trying to monitor this dark riddle,
And end these psychotic dreams.

High and low and in between.
Hang on `cuz here we go!
Riding on a mind machine
And I can't get off, I know.
Just how this will all play out
You know that I can't tell.
Flying between Love and Doubt,
And I'm stuck inside this cell.

Me, myself, and I'm in the middle.
I live in these two extremes.
I'm up, I'm down, I'm played like a fiddle
By Fate's insidious schemes.

Introduction to 'the voice'
by Rick LaFerla