Individual ISBN Numbers Available

Need an ISBN? Just one? Or two?  There are several options available for authors in need of an ISBN for their book:

     1.  Purchase a single ISBN directly from Bowker ( the US agency which supplies them ) for $150.00.

     2. Purchase a block of (10) ISBN's from Bowker for $250.00.

     or . . .

     3. Purchase a single ISBN from InnerCircle Publishing for $85.00.

I've read on forums and message boards about how ISBN's are free, or $100 for a block of 10, and other related nonsense---all of this is false. Call Bowker for yourself, they'll tell you.  

InnerCircle Publishing makes available ISBN's individually for authors in need of them. To place an order call or contact us today, and we'll send your ISBN via email upon receipt of your payment. ( No 7-10 business day waiting period required )

Check or Money Orders should be made payable to:

InnerCircle Publishing
309 Church Street Suite #4
Audubon, Iowa,

Call us: (712) 563 9552    or   Email: