Isn't this great?  We've polluted all the lakes . . .
forsaking nature by destroying things we can't replace,
but hey, now outer space . . .
this is something we just have to see;
around the world and back again
is worth every billion we spend
while people sleep in the streets . . . starving.
We need to cut down more trees, I mean,
who really needs to breathe?  
We'll manufacture oxygen
with artificial respiration machines
and for a low monthly fee everyone can rest easy . . .
depending solely upon technology.
I am impressed by our modern methods of education,
as much as can be expected, I mean,
almost half of our graduates can now even read;
we must proceed . . . because those capitalistic Japanese
are taking over our country;
with their cooperation and devotion to understanding
in a never-ending search for wisdom
through continuous discipline and meditation . . . I mean,
who really believes that we're all made of energy
merely vibrating toward enlightenment
according to a divinely aligned
universal course of evolution anyway?
That stuff is just make-believe
and besides . . . I'd rather watch T.V.

                                        -C. Lilly 'A Day in the Mind'