The Making of Perfect

we’re screaming
so loud
that no one
notices of all this
All this chanting,
raving and ranting
numbs the eyes, the mind
and the ability to decide
for oneself; while
the design integrates itself
into mundane lives  
led in not-so-quiet desperation . . .
in our tower of babel complete
we’re advanced in our idolatry
to the point where our belief in God
has been made obsolete
by our technology . . .
we no longer need
faith to move mountains
we have back-hoes to excavate
and rearrange the dirt
the way we want it . . . and we’re
doing the exact same thing
with human DNA . . . we’re playing
with biology and changing
the way children are made,
the way they’re raised,
the way they are being trained
to believe in anything
except God; another giant leap
in the making of perfect

 C. Lilly  - 'A Day in the Mind'