Inner Stand

We don't need your ignorant laws,
And all your silly regulations.
While you're watching me
For potential incrimination.
Your laws, they just aren't workin'
But you seem blind to this
`Cuz your palms are getting' a greasin'
While you're takin' care of biz.
Your schools are ticking tombs
Of the children that they house
Drugs and guns are running rampant
In this game of cat and mouse.
Backpacks loaded with 8th grade readers
A sandwich and some cookies
But you didn't catch the 38
Hidden in fake bookies.

And the beat goes on . . .

Teachers and Priests and those you entrusted
With `handling' our youth
All the while with intent encrusted
Burying the truth
And now many of them are busted
And you act so disgusted
`Cuz the maladjusted had co-conspirators,
tight lipped,
who knew.
But held white knuckled to the knowledge
fearing the light.
And now you receive all the rage being vented
Because we see it could've been prevented.

And the merciless beat goes on . . .

Your elected officials grow corrupt
In a system that corrupts the best.
Power Plays, Victims,
Take Overs and Pawns
Even the cleanest can't face the test.
The lies are now coming into the sun
Where all of us can see
Liars and cheaters,
Deniers, deceivers.
Hidden agendas
`Good Guy' pretendas
The list goes on and on.
Cheatin' husbands
Lyin' wives
Preists, Politicians and Teachers
Ministers, Rabbis, Psychiatrists,
And all of the TV Preachers.
Caught in the carnage of their own lies.
Don't dare look at what's inside.
Don't dare look at what you despise.
You're all sitting on the fence
Of Truth or Consequence.
Time to face The High Command.
Time to make your Inner Stand.

But don't you mind me now,
I'm just a fanatical radical.

Rick LaFerla   -  Author of the voice