Matthew 6:24

Been e-mailing God . . .
still no response
impatiently waiting
the proverbial floor
back and forth
like a cat
wanting out
the walls of sanity
peering over the edge
of the paradigm
that I've been handed
to get a better view.

Looking for God
online . . . in chat rooms
and news groups . . .
talking with spiritual people
who are enlightened
and smart
about the ways of this world,
educated people
from various regions,
idiots and fools
from every state . . . some say: "Who's God?"
others simply respond:
"Why bother?"

Looking for God . . .
in electronic things
in shiny things
expensive things of every nature,
searching for signs
of divine footprints
in prime time television
programming . . .
listening closely
to the laugh tracks
to hear if God
was sitting in the back row
of the studio during
one of the pre-taped
later-aired shows . . .
listening for God on the radio
in the music of our times . . .
in the demonic sounding
apathetic screams
of a generation
smart enough to know
they're screwed, but too
stupid to do anything about it.
Looking for God
in humanity . . . in our thoughts,
in our desires, our deeds,
in the way we treat
one another like enemies
rather than brothers
and sisters
living in a house divided . . .
in the house that we have built
with computers
and zeros and ones
and every plastic thing
under the sun . . . but God.
Looking for God in this world,
still no response.

C. Lilly  - 'A Day in the Mind'
(3/27/01 2:14am)