Chad Edward Lilly, born Feb. 10, 1973. Currently living in Iowa.

Contact information:

      -Yahoo Messenger ID:   e_qualsmc2
      -MSN screen name: Chad


High School, one year college (cognitive psychology)
      -areas of interest or past study:
            - Human behavior and the cognitive processes
            - Prophecy ( biblical, sacred text )
            - Physics/Metaphysical concepts/Philosophy
            - World religions ( Buddhism, wicca, druidism, Christianity )
            - Intuition - development and usage  

Background: ( as far as being useful toward the goal )

I hold a current real estate license in the state of Indiana, where I was an agent for about two years with Paul Semonin Realtors.  From that I learned some valuable aspects of contract law . . . but most importantly, I gained valuable insight into the inner workings of business. ( mainly the realization that I did not want to be involved in business . . . not the way they do business anyway. )

After that I was contacted by a marketing director with Equinox International, where I spent two years developing and managing sales teams.  ***If you know anyone that was involved with Equinox International, and most importantly trained by AMS . . . get them to contact me ASAP***  I am not capable of explaining all that I took from this experience.  I can tell you this . . . in two years time, I spent every weekend traveling from state to state, attending Advanced Marketing Seminars training sessions.  In ANY one training YOU WILL learn more in three days than all of high school.  And this is information THEY DO NOT TEACH IN SCHOOL.  During these training sessions, we worked hand in hand with multi-millionaires that were trained to do one single thing . . . teach us to do exactly what they did.  ( a process called Duplication )  After six months of training and working 12 hour days, I had developed a sales team of about 50 people.  For the month of February (96'), my total group sales volume was $22,340.  This was a result of a few things: Using the ideas they taught me in AMS, and about 5 to 7 serious people in my group working with me. This was accomplished with ZERO dollars spent in advertising, very few dollars spent out of our own pocket, and massive amounts of time, energy, and effort focused on our common goal.

This information is important only because InnerCircle Publishing operates on the marketing principals I have learned from AMS.  See, if you do something once . . . you can probably do it again, right?  And that is exactly what we are going to do . . . this is our goal.

Value is perceived, perception is created, and what we are doing here is generating interest ( value ) in our writing. Our motive is to promote ALL of the writing published by or in association with InnerCircle Publishing. This creates our network, our readership, and our consumer base. As many as the stars that light the night sky, are the methods which our work can be promoted . . . and we're not prejudice here . . . we'll use whatever works. So your ideas are welcome for new methods of promotion through our Mastermind group.

What is really going on here is the promotion of our writing to achieve our common goal.

Thoughts are things.  I believe our thoughts and intentions affect us and the world around us in ways we have yet to understand. Thoughts are the foundation upon which all things physical are built. Your writing, my writing . . . all writing everywhere is merely thought expressed to be shared with another. When this happens, the reader, in varying degrees, resonates with the writer. For whatever the duration, the writer's thoughts become the reader's. Through this method ideas become contagious . . . thought patterns are exchanged, realization occurs, and behaviors and attitudes are altered . . . therefore, society is changed. Individually and collectively, reality itself changes.

The primary goal of InnerCircle Publishing is now, and forever will be . . . to promote ideas and concepts through the written word . . . to change the world.  That is our not so underlying motive . . . in fact, I think we are pretty damn overt about the whole thing.

But neither you, now I pay the rent with good intentions. Everyone I know prefers money. Its funny how, when you sit and think about it . . . there don't seem to be many jobs out there where you can get paid for changing the world. Most seem to pay you to contribute to the problem, rather than the solution. We're paid to  keep the machine running smoothly. But anyway . . . the bottom line here is we have to work, to eat, to live to write; else we die.  And the dead don't seem too concerned with the problems of the living, I imagine they have they're own.  So, this presents us with another goal . . . compensation.

I believe people should be paid for their work . . . whatever their work happens to be. If I contract a carpenter to build my house, I expect to pay him for his skill as a carpenter; and so does he.  He is providing something in which I see value, in this case a home. The money I pay to him for building my house allows him to focus exclusively on my project, as well as the art of building itself.  ( He is not waiting tables at night, just to finance his hobby of building houses. ) The home his skills are providing may last a lifetime.

Writers are no different. We provide the world with a service. A service unlike any other, but just as important as any waitress, lawyer, doctor, or politician (especially politicians;-)
This service is insight.  And it is valuable because thought is the framework of every thing that exists in this world.  It is the foundation upon which our understanding is built.   A person feeling lonely, lost, and confused reaches for poetry to soothe their unsettled state of mind. Or merely to glimpse visions of another's state of mind---to inspire and enlighten ( or even to temporarily escape ) their own.  I believe Poets provide even more, as we speak directly to our readers' soul . . . in its native language.  Philosophy provokes its students to question everything in life . . . but poetry makes you feel it.  

Both of our goals, to influence the world with words, and to be compensated for our  service will be accomplished through InnerCircle Publishing. And here is what its going to take . . .

Your name may be John Milton and you may be carrying the only manuscript copy of Paradise Lost, but without energy focused and effort applied toward its publication . . . you may be the only person to read it.  Promotion is key to exposure and book sales.

Consider the effort you put into your job. 8 hours a day?  Perhaps 40+ hours a week? How much effort do you put into your writing? How much energy and focus are you willing to project into promoting it? Any business, including the business of publishing books, operates on the same universal principal as life: You get out, what you put in.



Print On Demand publishing is becoming more common due to technology. With POD publishing, your book is stored digitally in the printers archives and printed as it is ordered.  The advantage to this is: It saves you the cost of a full print run up front.  The disadvantage of the is: The cost per book is a little higher, which reduces your profit margin.  


So if promotion is the key to book sales . . . how do you we go about promoting our books? That is what InnerCircle Publishing was created to do.

Do you know how Madonna got her start in the music business? When her first single was released, she and her friends spent months calling radio stations all over the US . . . calling to request they play her song. Which resulted in airplay for her music, which provided her with the exposure needed to build a costumer base of fans. Millions and millions of fans. Millions and millions of records sold. And of course you know the rest of the story.  

Is Madonna some sort of genius?  Perhaps.  But the idea wasn't new, it wasn't even her idea in the first place, but it is one of a million that can be used to accomplish the same goal.

The Doors had groupies on the pay roll who helped to build Jim's public image. Many bands do this today . . . this is usually not the bands idea, but the idea of their promoter. ( notice that bands, authors, actors and such all have agents, promoters, and organizers . . . all with the same purpose:   To generate greater interest in the product ) M A R K E T I N G !!!!  

So how does InnerCircle Publishing generate interest is our books? The following is merely the beginning of a list of  "things to do" so to speak. Doing these things will generate traffic to both our website, and consequently . . . our books.  As members of the InnerCircle, this is what we do. The greater the number of members who are DOING this . . . the greater the return will be for each and every member.


             - You will produce greater results, if you can spark people's curiosity. Don't just tell      them to "check out my website" . . . you have to give them a reason why.  " WOW!!! Have you heard of this book? . . . its amazing, I've never seen anything like this before in my life.  Where did I find it?  Oh, it is a rare book, not many even know it exists . . . I got it from the publisher at:  www.InnerCircle  They publish and distribute rare books.

              - Be subtle. It is not advised to go running around screaming . . . but rather to selectively approach people and allow the natural coarse of conversation to unfold; 'till the moment is right for you to whisper " oh, by the way, have you ever read the book "----------".
I was just reading it and, phew . . . I can't even explain what its about, its mind blowing. Its a rare book . . . you can only get it through the publisher at

              -Here is great means of stirring the curiosity of every single person in any chat room.
It takes two members working together and its one of my favorite methods to use because its so much fun: Picture this . . . 2 ICP members enter a chat room, hang out for a second and feel the room . . . then start this conversation:

POET1:  hey POET2, how are you? You must be a writer too huh?
POET2:  Yeah, I am ... I like to write poetry
POET1:  wow, so do I, I just read this book "--------" have you every read it?
POET2:  NO FREAKING WAY!!!!!!  I can't believe you just said that,  yeah I have read it . . . but you are the first person I have ever met that has ever heard of it.
POET1: Yeah, I've heard there is only like 1000 copies of it and they don't even carry it in book stores . . . you have to order it special. How did you find it?
POET2: You can order it online from the publisher at www.InnerCircle
POET1:  Really?  Cool . . . I didn't know that . . . I got it from a friend. And its one of those books that you read . . . then you go buy like 10 more copies to give to people that you know and then force them to read it.  ;-)
POET2: LOL Yeah . . . I have had people come over to my house and pick it up off the table, they read a few pages, then go  "ahhh man, you have to let me borrow this" and you can't because you know you will never see it again.
POET1:  LOL!!!!! I know.


By this time everyone in the room should be on the site . . . and not just on the site, but there looking for that book with a reason to buy it. ( though this is only a script, you can do it any way you choose, as it is only a means to the end . . . of achieving our goal.  All of us are writers, we are all creative people. Be creative. Think of new ways to accomplish this end and use them.  The more creative you are, the greater your results will be. The more creative each of us are, the faster we will collectively achieve our goal.


  If you are unfamiliar with the term 'mastermind' let me first say this:  No . . . we are not a group of spies plotting to take over the world.  With that out of the way, I will illustrate what a mastermind group is and how it works.

In business we were taught that no human being has ever become successful . . . alone.  All the people that fill the pages of our history books have always had the combined efforts of individuals working toward a common goal.  Henry Ford is a great example.  Here is a man referred to by his peers as 'ignorant',  yet this same 'uneducated' man was intelligent enough to employ the efforts of people that were smarter than himself.  When he began making cars, people told him " it will never work . . . its not practical, its ugly, and people are not going to trade their horses for it. "  Henry Ford did it anyway. And he did it by gathering people that knew how to do what he did not . . . make cars. He harnessed the ideas and abilities of a handful of people, all working together for the same goal. This is the essence of a mastermind group, and Henry Ford was one of the first to use it in business. All successful people use a mastermind group in some way or another. The reason is because it works. ( how many of you still use a horse for transportation? )

 A mastermind group works like this:

When two or more people come together in a spirit of harmony for the sake of a common goal, the energy of each combines to form a single energy.  (the Whole is greater than its parts)
Each piece brings their insight and talent to the table, therefore increasing the resources available to the whole.  You may know something about this . . . and I may know something about that, and by coming together we are able to know a little more.

We incorporate the mastermind idea into InnerCirlce Publishing, so each member can contribute their thoughts and ideas toward our common goal.  We use chat rooms with voice conferencing capabilities ( such as yahoo messenger ) to link with other members.  As our membership grows, we will have organized sessions on a regular basis.