The Zone

In the zone . . .
everything works
everything clicks
into position
like it was meant to be,
we tap into energy
higher than ourselves,
we move with the unseen
hand of God . . . creating
like the maker divine
speaking: `Let there be light'
and we know
the light is good.
In the zone . . .
everything moves in unison
everything becomes one
action manifested now.
In the zone . . .
everything moves slowly,
time stands still.
There is no thought here
no calculation
nothing planned or executed,
in the zone it just happens.
In the zone . . .
Michael Jorden never misses,
there is no distance
between his hand
and the hoop, no chance
of that ball not going in the hole;
ask Tiger Woods, he knows
how it feels to be in the zone,
ask Stephen King what its like
to hear the words falling
on the paper faster
than his fingers can transpire,
ask any champion, all of them know
what its like in the zone;
when you can do no wrong
and everything breathes
as one.
Everyone knows,
everyone has felt it,
usually getting just a taste
of the magic that makes
it all come together . . . but
everyone knows.
That's the zone . . .
where Aquarians live
most of their life,
where Beethoven composed
his Ninth . . . in silence,
where surgeons mend
cardio-vascular components
with a precision seemingly
incomprehensible to the hand
of any man . . . not in the zone,
where scientists go
directly from A to D; you don't need
to know B or C in the zone
because the solution is all you can see;
in the zone is what we call

Chad Lilly - 'A Day in the Mind'