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Ron Whitehead is Poet, Writer, Independent Scholar, Editor, Publisher, and
Organizer. His poetry, prose and other writings have appeared in a spectrum
of journal, magazine, anthology, newspaper, postcard, broadside, poster, CD,
cassette, vinyl, chapbook, zine, book, literary, music, & arts publications.
Book and CD titles include I WILL NOT BOW DOWN: Selected Poems 1990-1995,
BEAVER DAM ROCKING CHAIR MARATHON: fragments of a lost text.

Ron has edited over 250 titles, published 150 titles, produced
over 300 events (including INSOMNIACATHONs), and given over 700 readings of
his own work round the world. When not traveling he lives in Kentucky.
He is co-founder of The Literary Renaissance, a non-profit organization
supporting the global literary community.

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