A Word About Our Books:

InnerCircle Publishing offers the highest quality books.  All orders placed through our website are inspected and packaged for shipping directly from our offices.

To order any of our titles by Check or Money Order:

1. Fill out the order form provided and press submit.
2. You'll receive a confirmation email containing an invoice of your order. You can either print the invoice and remit it with your payment, or simply write your invoice # on your check or money order and mail it.
3. Upon receipt of your payment, your order will be processed, inspected, packaged and shipped. A receipt will be included for your records.  
4. We'll send an email notifying you when your payment has been received, and the date your order was shipped, so you'll know when to expect it.

To order any of our titles by Credit Card:

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Simply click the logo of your choice from any order page at InnerCircle Publishing, and you'll be taken directly to a secure online credit card order page.

Need to check on an order? Or place one by phone? Call us: (712) 563-9552  

Thank you for selecting InnerCircle Publishing. We do appreciate your business.